Zoom80 Series


The GeoMax Zoom80R robotic and Zoom80S servo are technologically advanced motorised total stations that scout, track and aim reflectors fully automatically.  This combines the advantage of one man surveying with GeoMax’s accXess EDM technology ensuring maximum accuracy regardless of distance or conditions.

The Zoom80 controller further enhances one man robotic surveying with complete control of all measurement tasks from the survey pole.


Powerful XSite software are the same on Zoom80 and Zoom80C Controller together with a  complete range of applications:

Zoom80 Controller in actionZoom80 controller (part)


Standard applications of Setup, Survey, Stake Out and CoGo Routines are supplemented by  Volume, Road, Reference Line, Area DivisionSets of Angles, and Hidden Point as optional applications.


Data can be imported and exported in virtually any format to match your other software and equipment. The data can also be processed using GeoMax Geo Office (GGO) software.


The controller, battery, radio modem and antenna form a single unit that can be conveniently attached to a survey pole.  together with a standard passive prism provides a light weight setup for one-man robotic surveying where you are in complete control.



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